designer love: tim clarke

I'm an East Coast girl, born and bred, but I've got to say, seeing Santa Monica-based interior designer Tim Clarke's rooms makes me want to pack my bags and head for sunny California!  Tim's easy beach elegance lends an airy, modern feel to every home he touches, creating warm, welcoming and relaxing spaces.  I was excited to see more of his work in this month's Coastal Living, where he combined classic and contemporary seemlessly:


This gallery wall is breathtaking... 

This dresser, used as an end table, along with that linen headboard are stunning...

Here are more amazing images from Tim's online portfolio:





To see more of Tim's work, check out his website here.   


decisions, decisions

Brooke and Cindy are two lovely ladies who have been the cause of much frustration around our house lately.  You see, we are in desperate need of additional seating in our family room.  Months back, we ordered two club chairs from High Point, waited six weeks for their arrival, only to have them delivered in the wrong fabric.  So, back they went and we re-ordered.  Three weeks later, we find out the chair itself was discontinued.  Back to the drawing board...again.

Last year, when we moved into our house, we bought the Hendrix Sectional from Robin Bruce, Rowe's upscale line.  High Point is only a couple hours away from us, so we ordered from there and saved a considerable amount of dough for a fabulous, better-quality piece than we would have been able to find anywhere else.  The hubby and I have narrowed our selection down to two chairs, which will be upholstered in the same flax linen as our couch, but with antique brass nail head trim across the bottom.  Both chairs are down blend and super comfy. 

Here is Brooke; I love her arms and shape.  Her size is perfect for the room.  (I am leaning pretty heavily in her direction, if you couldn't tell):


And here is Cindy.  She is considerably bigger.  Doesn't she scream, "curl up and read a good book on me"??

See why I'm torn?  I'm very indecisive, but we really need more seating, so stay tuned to see which ones end up in our living room!


DIY: nautical rope doorstop

Another advantage of being married to a Marine is that mine knows how to tie an inordinate amount of knots.  Normally, that doesn't come in handy except for that one day I decide I want to make my own nautical rope doorstop and then I become giddy like a schoolgirl! 

This knot is called the Monkey's Fist and it really is simple to make.   The thicker your rope, the easier it will be, believe it or not.  I bought 1/2 inch manila rope at Lowe's for 48 cents a foot.  You'll need 12 feet.  To use it as a doorstop, you can slice a hole in a tennis ball and fill it with sand or pebbles, which will be hidden within the knot.  It will also help to shape your knot.  Here we go:

Begin by taking four vertical turns around your hand:

Then hold them with four horizontal turns:

Next, make another four turns around the horizontal turns, but from inside and underneath the vertical turns (you'll bring your rope up from the bottom of the knot, up around to the top):

...until it looks like this: 

You can play around to tighten the turns, if you need.  The extra rope that is left at the end can be tucked in to the knot.  To make the "handle" of the knot, take the remaining rope and tuck it in, creating a loop:


A drop of crazy glue will help to hold it in place.  Use it as a doorstop, decoration on books, on a door handle or just on its own.  High style for around six bucks!   


guest bath 

I've been diligently working with the sweetest couple who are building their first home.  New construction is an exciting experience, however, it's a long time before you get to see your ideas come to life.  We're working on allowances, so every penny must be spent wisely, and we have had to learn where to splurge and where to cut back.  Fortunately, both clients have fabulous taste and know exactly what they like...only problem was they had no idea how to pull everything together. 

With friends and family all over the country who frequently come to visit, the goal was to create a guest bathroom that was calm and spa-like.  We'd gone over budget on lighting and flooring in the rest of the house, so we really needed to cut back in the guest bath without sacrificing style.  Here is what I came up with:

We're starting with a soothing gray paint on the walls:

...that goes beautifully with this hexagonal marble tile floor... 

 ...and these marble, 3x6 subway tiles, in the shower...

Two of these sconces...

...will be mounted on either side of this pivot mirror (which I originally posted about here): 


Delta's Victorian faucet will sit above a pedestal sink:

Woven Roman shades on the window:

A pair of these gauzy linen panels by Ikea will be hemmed to fit the window...

...will be trimmed in this:

And last, but not least, some white, fluffy towels like these monogrammed in black:

 Stay tuned for pictures of the finished project, once construction is done!


fab find friday: extra large clam shell

With summer right around the corner, many of my clients have asked about spreading a little bit of the beach around their house to celebrate the spirit of the season.  What better way to do it than with a ginormous resin clam shell?  At 18 inches wide by 28 inches long, Z Gallerie's extra large Atlantis clam shell makes for a striking center piece on a dining table or coffee table and would even make a fabulous fruit bowl in your kitchen. 

At $130, this is a steal!  You rarely can find such large resin pieces for less than $300.  I have it sitting on my dining table and I absolutely love it.  If you're looking for a statement piece that will make a big impact on a small budget, this is definitely it!