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removable wallpaper - yay or nay?

When my cousin graduated from culinary school recently and moved into a tiny apartment in Providence, Rhode Island, she asked me to help turn it into a warm and inviting space to come home to after working super long hours.  As is the case with most rental apartments, wallpaper is not allowed and paint has to be approved and then repainted before moving out, so we had to literally think outside of the box on this one.  I got to looking for wallpaper alternatives and kept coming back to removable wallpaper...

I know, I're probably cringing at the thought and, to be honest, I was, too, until I stumbled onto Walls Need Love, a Nashville-based company specializing in durable, wrinkle and moisture-proof removable wallpaper.  Not only do they have some pretty good styles to choose from, but they come in a bunch of different lengths and sizes, are super affordable and can be used again and again with no damage to your walls.  Perfect for an accent wall for a renter (or someone who changes up their decor often), a bathroom where traditional paper would not be practical because of moisture, a backdrop for an event or even a ceiling for a touch of drama:

I'm pretty partial to the Waves of Chic, which bears a striking resemblance to Cole & Son Great Waves, don't you think?  There's a ton of designs to choose from; here are a few I picked for my cousin's apartment:

They also have stripes in a bunch of different widths and a bevy of colors to choose from, another great way to change up your decor:

If covering an entire wall in vinyl or stripes isn't your thing, they've got some pretty adorable packs of decals, too-you can mix and match them or even design your own...perfect for the walls or ceiling of a nursery or kid's playroom, especially.  I LOVE Coronata Stars on a painted ceiling:

Love their color options:

 To see more options, check out Walls Need Love here.  What do you think?  Would you ever use removable wallpaper?


inspired by: summer whites

I've been wearing a lot of white lately, and all the little white eyelet dresses I've been stockpiling for Baby Girl over the last few months have come in handy for matching!  Summer is the time for lightening up, as much for your wardrobe as for your home, and white is just so fresh and crisp.  Just like white skinnies and gauzy tanks pair well with a beautiful (fake!) tan, gold bangles and a straw fedora, interior spaces certainly scream summer with seagrass rugs and baskets, bamboo Roman blinds, linen curtain panels, brass details and warm wood accents.  Here are a few gorgeous spaces that nail an all-white, summery aesthetic:


Timothy Whealon via Veranda

Geoffrey Desousa

Abby Larson via Lonny

Tobi Tobin via House Beautiful

Decor Pad

Stephen Muse Architect


Aerin Lauder via Domaine Home

A Country Farmhouse

Happy Tuesday!  Hope you're all off to a great start this week!


obsessed - kara rosenlund photographic prints

I love the sea...and anything that reminds me of it.  Sometimes I fall for subtle reminders, sometimes not so subtle.  I've blogged a lot about oversize art and photographic prints and always have an eye out for reasonably priced ocean/sea/beach prints, so when I stumbled upon photographer Kara Rosenlund's seascape, I fell head over heels in love!  This 20 x 30 incher over a bed or a mantle or in an entryway would be like having a window to the sea....who wouldn't want to see that every time they walk into their room?

I love the way she styled it in her entryway - with a simple frame and white matting, it's absolutely stunning:

All of her prints are limited editions and come in two sizes - 11x14 or 20x30 - and at less than $300 for the larger size, they are a super affordable way to make a dramatic impact in any style decor.  Here are a few more I'm loving from her website:

Wild Horses

Tree Blaze

Wild Horses II

Container Living

Australian Road Trip

New Zealand

Which one is your favorite?


half birthdays, deployments + the sweetest homecoming

It's been a little while since I posted any pics or updates of my sweet baby girl, who is going to be SEVEN months already this weekend (quick, cue the sniffles, time is flying WAY TOO FAST).  My little miss has been sitting up on her own since 5 1/2 months, she popped her two bottom teeth right before that and lately, it's been a lot of downward facing dog (I swear, I have days left before she starts crawling!) After snapping this pic last weekend, I couldn't resist sharing:

A lot of you have asked how Gunner has fared with the adjustment of having a baby in the house - these two have a bit of a love/hate relationship; she LOVES her Gunner and can be in the middle of a meltdown and break into a fit of giggles at just the sight of him.  He, on the other hand, is still completely indifferent.  After an entire decade of being the only "baby", I can't say I blame him.  This picture says it all about his patience, though:

The last month has been a pretty exciting one; I've never been one to celebrate a half birthday, but when you're daddy happens to be coming home from a deployment on the same day you turn six months old, a celebration is definitely in order!  This post is a month overdue, but I wanted to share anyway because homecomings are a very big deal around here.  We get all dressed up and bake cakes and count minutes, hours, days and nights until daddy comes home after months and months away. In the eleven years we've been together, we've been through our fair share of deployments, but this was, by far, the sweetest homecoming yet:

After leaving when baby girl was just eight weeks old, he made it home in time for her half birthday and the 4th of July, another biggie at our house. Here she is getting a personal escort from Daddy after her baptism back in February:

Motherhood is the most amazing, challenging, rewarding, tiring, exciting, happiest thing EVER.  It is, BY FAR, the best job I've ever had, but going at it alone the the last four months has made it even sweeter for me.   Every month I think, "it can't possibly get better than this" and then, the next month it goes and gets a little bit sweeter and I think my heart will explode. 

I am over the moon with excitement that her daddy is home to share in the adventure (and, I'm not going to lie, I'm thrilled to have a second set of hands to help out!)  A full return to blogging is right around the corner; thank you all for continuing to read and check in to see how things are going.  I'm eternally grateful for all the sweet comments and emails!  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 


fabric by the yard: lewis and sheron

Atlanta-based fabric by the yard company Lewis and Sheron is one of my absolute, all-time favorites.  They have such a fantastic variety of colors and patterns at super reasonable price points and the customer service cannot be beat!  Right now they are running a 15% off sale for the month of July by entering the code FABRICFEVER at checkout, so, if you're looking to add some summer color with throw pillows or some new curtain panels, it's definitely worth checking them out!  Here are some fabrics I'm loving right now; while I ALWAYS gravitate to the blues, I tried to mix it up this time:

Bindi comes in a bunch of colors, but, I have to say, I'm OBSESSED with the emerald and navy colorway.  Sand and cobalt are close seconds:

Evolution, Chelsea, Kedara:

 Cap Deluca, Links OD and Mandha would look adorable in a beach house:

Gandhali, Trouseau, Barossa:

What fabrics are you loving lately?

Happy Hump Day!