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fiddle leaf fig - would you go faux?

Everyone loves the fiddle leaf fig; with its gorgeous waxy, emerald leaves it's easy to see why -  it adds color, texture and interest to any space, but despite their popularity, they can be difficult to find and are a tad on the pricey side when you do.  I picked up this one below from Home Depot last year, threw it in a seagrass basket and enjoyed the pop of color it added to my breakfast area/living room for almost a year until the leaves turned brown and fell off.  I quickly replaced it with a second one, but it committed suicide less than a month later, despite my best efforts.  Everything I've read online says they are relatively easy to keep alive, but I've never had any luck.  So when I found a live six footer a few months ago at a local nursery for $80, I hesitated buying it and ended up passing it up.  I'd rather spend the money on something that wouldn't croak a few weeks later. 

I'm not a fan of fake flowers or plants.  At all.  I will take the real thing over faux six days of the week and twice on Sunday, but lately, retail shops have been pumping out faux versions of the fiddle leaf fig and it begs me to ask....would you ever buy one?  It would have to be a pretty darn good fake for me to buy one, but I have to say, the loveliness of this plant and the freshness it brings to a space has me seriously considering splurging on a faux.  Here are some lovelies (that are real) that helped get me on board loving this plant in the first place:

Apartment Therapy

Grant K. Gibson

Classic Casual Home

Habitually Chic

Shea McGee Design

Urban Grace



Grant K. Gibson

So...would you ever shell out the big bucks for a faux fiddle leave fig?  I'd love to know!


be mine

I've never been a huge fan of Valentine's Day, but I've never been shy about my love for shopping for the holiday, either! A good bottle of wine and some delectable chocolates are right up my alley (and go a long way on any other day of the year!), but, here are some of my favorite finds for the holiday that are a little more unconventional:

Skip the roses...I'd take a rosemary topiary, instead, any day!  At under 20 bucks, this one is a great option - especially for those of us that have trouble keeping them alive!

Add a pop of pink to your bathroom or kitchen countertop with a bottle of Savon de Marseille in wild rose - it may be a practical gift, but it lasts forever and smells amazing!

It's just not Valentine's Day without the gift of chocolate; this set of three Mast Brothers bars are almost too pretty to open...almost!

These pink druzy and gold studs are simple but oh so stunning!

There isn't a Diptyque candle I don't love; it might be a little bit of a splurge, but their scents are subtle and soft and after the candle is done, you can use the glass to hold makeup brushes, jewelry, pens!

Love this suede boho bag; it doubles as a diaper bag for me these days!

A friend introduced me to this cabernet sauvignon and I've been hooked ever since!  Perfect way to end a long day, sipping a glass next to the one you love!

What's on your Valentine's Day wish list?


emily jeffords

I had the hardest time falling back asleep after feeding baby girl one night last week, so I hopped on Instagram and you know how it click led to another, which then led to about a hundred more clicks and before I knew it, I landed on South Carolina-based artist Emily Jeffords' page and couldn't devour the images of her work fast enough!  Her abstract landscape oil paintings are stunning, in some of the most beautiful color palettes (of course, I'm partial to the moody blues, surprise, surprise!).  I love how she styles each painting, as well.  She does a lot of mixed media paintings on canvas, wood and metal and while it looks like most of her work is done on commssion, I was excited to see some giclees available through her Etsy shop, as well!  Here are a few from her portfolio I'm currently loving:

And how charming is her studio, set in an old home?  I'm especially loving the studio name:

The beginning of a mixed media painting...loving the gold!

...and a finished piece.  Navy, gold and doesn't get much better than that:

To see more of Emily's work, check out her portfolio, Etsy shop and her instagram.

Happy Monday!


my baby shower on sweet little peanut!

I am beyond thrilled to have my baby shower featured over on Sweet Little Peanut today! I've been a huge fan of momma and baby blog Sweet Little Peanut for some time now and am so excited to have such a special event for me to be featured on their website!  You can read all about my shower from my own post here, and for more details, check out Sweet Little Peanut here


get the look: hudson boston

I love a good gallery wall; when executed correctly, it's one of my favorite ways to bring character and a personalized touch to a space and truly make it your own.  For me, treasured photographs, favorite pieces of art, decorative objects and even mirrors and signs are the perfect mix, so when I saw this little corner of interior retail shop Hudson Boston, I immediately saved it to my desk top and haven't been able to stop peeking at it. The slipcovered sofa, oversize coffee table, striped pillows and lacquered side tables complete the look and create a cozy, casual yet sophisticated look - wouldn't it be a fabulous option to for a vaulted wall/ceiling? 

Here are my picks for creating a similar look:

sofa  / coffee table / ikat pillow / sea captain painting / bamboo mirrors / porthole mirror /

Greek key throw / dough bowl / nautical chart / monkey's fist

What are your favorite items to include on a gallery wall?