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This weekend was spent contemplating what I consider to be a pretty big change in my house.  I think Steven Gambrel is a design genius and for a while now, I've admired how many of the country homes in his portfolio boast interior doors painted a few shades darker than the beautifulgray/ blue walls.  It adds such a soft touch but also is an unexpected detail, which I love even more. 

The walls throughout most of my home are painted ICI's Newcastle Grey, mixed at 50% and is actually quite similar to some of the rooms in the photos below.  It's a beautiful, light gray/blue that is soothing and calm.  I think a touch darker on the interior doors throughout my home would be beautiful-I'm going to start with my pantry doors and see how it goes from there.  In the meantime, here are some of the beautiful images that first inspired me:

All photos via S.R. Gambrel.