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woven drinkware - where to find

One of the questions I get asked the most whenever we have people over is where I found my woven drinkware.  Of all the things in my entertaining arsenal, these are definitely one of my favorites because they're as pretty as they are versatile!  I serve cocktails and even wine in the summer in the double old fashioneds and I use the drinking glasses for water every single day.  An added bonus is how pretty they look on the table or a makeshift bar setup and they add so much texture and interest to all the white dinner and serveware in my glassfront cabinets. 

I actually have collected two full sets of these over the years - the lighter ones are from HomeGoods and the darker double old fashioneds and taller drinking glasses are from Tuesday Morning!  I even found the matching carafes and pitchers, so it's definitely worth a quick stop in if you have one locally!  I recently just picked up another six of the drinking glasses for $4 a pop, so I know that they're still around.  But just in case you don't have a store locally or haven't been able to find them, here are a few other links to all of the ones I have:  

World Market has the best prices that I was able to find online; they have a set of four double old fashioneds for $28 and a set of four highballs for $32.  And here is the rattan pitcher I found that match my darker set.  The wine carafe comes in both light (here) and dark (here). 

These look amazing paired with water hyacinth chargers, patterned napkins and bamboo cutlery and are my favorite way to dress up your basic every day dinnerware!  

Happy shopping and Happy Monday! 


dowel rods as curtain rods

Everyone has their weaknesses when it comes to decorating; custom window treatments happen to be one of mine.  The only down side, unfortunately, is that they aren't cheap (and even some of the pretty store-bought options from Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn can end up costing just as much).   I love to mix high-end with budget finds for a lived-in, loved look and that means, if your budget allows for some custom window panels in a fabulous fabric, GO FOR IT, because you can save money on the hardware and still make a big impact!

(A ten foot dowel rod, painted black and hung with a support brakcket over triple windows in my breakfast nook)

One of my favorite tricks is to use 1 1/4" or 1 1/2" unfinished wooden dowel rods from Lowe's and Home Depot.  When painted and paired with finials, you'd never know the difference!  You can buy them in 8 or 10 foot pieces and have them cut to the length you need for less than $15.  This is especially helpful for double or triple windows when traditional hardware, though gorgeous, can end up costing just as much as the window treatments themselves!

(An eight foot rod, cut in half for my dining room)

I've used them all throughout my own home and recently went through the whole process of priming, painting and putting them up in baby boy's nursery, so I thought I'd share how easy it is to do here on the blog.   I couldn't be happier with how they turned out and even better, they're substantial enough to accommodate lined panels (they're heavy!)

(Another eight foot rod cut in half, then painted and primed in Lydia's nursery)

I bought an eight foot rod and had it cut into two four foot pieces at Lowe's.  I also purchased two pairs of brackets (one pair for each window) and finials for the ends:

I always use this latext multi purpose primer because it sticks to everything and I didn't have to sand the finials or brackets, saving me an extra step!  I applied two coats to everything, even the rod, otherwise, it'll just soak up the paint:

Once the paint is dried and I'm ready to mount the brackets, I use a drill bit to drill holes in the ends and screw the finials in:

Happy Hump Day, everyone!


budget-friendly bamboo blinds: my top 3 favorites

If I had a dollar for every email I get asking me where I found the bamboo Roman blinds in my house, I'd have one fat piggy bank!  I LOVE bamboo Roman blinds; for me, they are my go-to window covering because they work in so many decor styles and they bring so much warmth and texture to any space.  So, for those of you looking for some beautiful, budget-friendly options, here are my top three favorite bamboo Roman blinds:

1.  designview Maple Providence Bamboo Roman Shades.  These are what I have in every room of my house except for my bedroom (we have odd sized windows in there and these don't come in a size that fits, unfortunately).  I love the honey color, they do a phenomenal job of blocking light and you can't see in from the outside when they are closed.  Another added benefit is how fabulous they look from the outside of the house; I love that they don't have a liner that can be seen from outside:

You can see how they do a great job of blocking light, which is so nice in the summer for helping to keep the house cool:

2.  Levolor Natural Bamboo Light Filtering Bamboo Roman Shade.  I used these in a project at the beach a few years ago; we found them at Lowe's and the lighter color and tortoise shell detailing was perfect for the beach bungalow.  Unfortunately, right after we finished on this project, Lowe's discontinued them, but I'm so excited to see that they've brought them back and that they now come with a liner to block light better!  They are by Levolor and are customizable; they can cut them to fit your window right in the box!  Pretty affordable for such a great product:

 3.  Dali Native Bamboo Roman Shade.  When I couldn't find the first option in the size I needed for a client project I was helping with a few weeks ago, I bought a few of these from Overstock on a whim.  I was a little nervous because they were so inexpensive and worried they would look cheap, but I couldn't have been more wrong!  I don't have a picture of these in the house yet, but trust me...they are a great option if you're on a budget and they come in pretty much every size you could ever need:

What are your favorite bamboo Roman blinds?  I'm always looking for additonal favorites to try!