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budget-friendly updates for the bath

Mark D. Sikes

Of all the rooms I work on for my e-clients, the bath is the one I surprisingly get a lot of questions about.  Many think they have to do a complete haul to update their bath if it's too small or they don't like the current tile and in many cases, renters want some options that aren't permanent, as well.  While paint, some new accessories and artwork can go a long way in freshening up a bathroom, there are quite a few other options that I turn to time and time again that can help transform a blah bath into a beautiful retreat! 

A brand new light fixture is a must and it's a relatively easy update!  I'm obsessed with glass cylinder sconces lately, especially hung above a chrome framed pivoting mirror.  Another trick I absolutely LOVE is hanging a pair of curtain panels from a second shower curtain rod and placed all the way to the ceiling (the panels hit the floor) to add drama and height (see my original post on this here).  A new faucet is another easy swap and there are so many affordable options; the one below looks way more expensive than it is and is so beautiful in person! (I have it in our guest bath upstairs and LOVE it!)

I try to add texture any chance I get and an oversize basket is a great way to add some warmth while adding storage for toilet paper or extra towels.  A marble tray to corral perfumes, makeup and daily beauty items makes a space feel pulled together and a small space less chaotic.

Here are a few of my picks for updating a bathroom without blowing your budget:

Mirror / Rattan and acrylic bath accessories / Glass canisters / Faucet / Basket / Marble tray / Glass sconce / Candle / Hand soap / Resin coral


the spirit of the summer...all year long

Summer may officially be over now that school is in session but we've got a ways to go around these parts until it starts to feel anything like fall.  Summer is my favorite time of the year and I love to bring the feel of the beach inside my home all year round, regardless of the change in seasons.  So, to protest the pumpkin spice lattes that are slowly creeping their way into my instagram feed, not to mention the Christmas decor going up in some of the stores already, I've rounded up a few goodies I'm loving lately - small pieces that would go a long way in bringing that airy, breezy beach feel to your decor without going overboard.  Here are my picks:

Swim Surf print / Lacquered side table / Patmos stripe pillow / Basket / Bamboo flatware / Gilden lantern light / Cayman Mirror / Burl wood picture frames / Cove drinkware set / Vendome double sconce / lumbar pillow

Happy Hump Day!


new (antique) end tables for lydia's room

I dropped my sweet baby girl off at her first day of kindergarten this morning and am not even embarrassed to admit that I couldn't make it out of the room without bawling my eyes out.  So, given this momentous day for her, myself and Luca, I thought it only appropriate that I would post some new finds for her room while we sit here and count the minutes before picking her up!  Also, how early is too early to get in the pick up line??  I'm assuming an hour into her school day is pushing it a bit, lol!

Despite being one of the most impatient people on the planet, I now believe the old adage "good things come to those who wait" to be absolutely true!  This post is a long time coming, so if you follow me on Instagram, you know this is super old news, but I finally found end tables for Lydia's room!  I had been on the hunt for a pair for a while now; it was time to move the dresser from her room into Luca's, which meant she needed more "big girl" pieces that she could grow with and we definitely needed extra storage for her books and endless collections of girly accessories.  Only problem has been that I hadn't found anything I like even a little bit.  Then, randomly a few months ago while on an antiquing adventure when my aunt was in town, I stumbled upon the most gorgeous set of vintage tortoise shell bamboo chinoiserie end tables.  I couldn't stop thinking of them so the next week I went back to the shop and asked if I could take one on loan to see if it would work. 

Of course, I LOVED it the minute I set it down but since it didn't really add any extra storage for her books, AND it was an antique, I second guessed myself.  My mother reminded me that I grew up with my grandparents' antique bedroom set and that it would be good for Lydia to have an appreciation for nice things and to treat them well and it was all I needed to pull the trigger and buy them!  

I'm so, SO glad I bought them!  I can't even tell you how excited I still get, all these months later, when I walk into her room and see them flanking her equally lovely antique four poster bed.  I added another lamp, identical to her original one on the other side (it's from Hobby Lobby years ago and has been discontinued for a while; a friend had one and offered to trade with me!)

Now I'm in the process of finding someone to build a tall, skinny bookshelf to attach to the wall to make it look like a built-in between her door and closet doors - some place for all her books and her ever-growing collection of girly things, haha (something tells me this is never ending).  We also need a dresser in here but I'm so torn on whether or not to go with a white painted bamboo to coordinate with her bed or to just do plain white.  I'm not the biggest fan of matchy-matchy, but I'm hoping that something will jump out at me and I won't be able to stop thinking of it, much like the tortoise end tables, lol!  

 Hope you're all having a wonderful Wednesday!  And to all the mommas getting ready to drop their babies off on their first day of school, I'm thinking of you!


so good: green + rattan

Blue and white will always be my favorite color combination but I've got to say, I'm crushing hard on green lately!  Mixed in with a little rattan, bamboo and linen, it's another perfect combination for summer!  I always love the fresh pop of color that a new house plant brings; it just makes a room feel alive and bright and I think the same feeling can be achieved in small doses with a few simple changes like a new pillow cover, white dinner plates with a thin green scalloped edge, or even a rattan vase overflowing with viburnum.  I recently added some sea glass green bottles to my wicker demijohn collection on my mantle and the effect is so subtle but so, so pretty!  Below are a few green-hued pretties that, when mixed with rattan, wicker and bamboo, pack quite the impact!  The best part is that this combo transitions so beautifully into Fall!

Basketweave flatware set / Olympia pillow cover / Topiary / Zanzibar pillow cover / Scalloped rattan picture frames / Scalloped dinner plate / Wicker hurricane / Lacquer tray / Salt and pepper shaker set / Rattan bar cart / Scalloped rattan tray


get the look: ina's glass hurricanes

It's no secret that I love all things Ina Garten and that also happens to include the glass hurricanes that are regularly featured sitting on the counter top in her East Hampton kitchen on her show.  They're so simple, but super chic, just like everything else in her beautiful home; a grouping of them would make a beautiful alternative to flowers for a table centerpiece! I read somewhere once that she found them at Bloom in Sag Harbor but was never been able to find a link for them and since I've already got enough vases, candle holders and hurricanes to start my own rental company, I never pursued it again. 

And then a couple weeks ago while catching up on a few episodes of Cook Like a Pro after the littles had gone to bed, there they were again, sitting pretty on her counter and I was smitten all over again.  A simple online search led me to these beauties.  I'm all about mixing high end finds with budget-friendly pieces, and I absolutely loved these, but at almost $100 for the smallest one, I knew I could rig something similar for much less.

I popped into TJMaxx for some gift wrap the next day and ended up finding two simple cylindrical glass hurricanes that I knew would work just as well!  The larger one is ten inches high and eight inches across in diameter and the smaller one three inches high and three inches in diameter (and were also a whopping $7 and $3, respectively!) I popped a simple, unscented candle inside and LOVED how it turned out!


It's not exactly like Ina's, I know, but I love how it turned out and, even better, I love that I paid a tenth of the price of the real deal!  Happy Hump Day, everyone!