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sharpie wallpaper

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  Aside from throwing elbows to get through Ikea on Saturday, for me, this weekend was all about relaxing and regrouping after a long and crazy week.  I tried to limit myself to an hour of Pinterest and about fell over when I stumbled upon this guest bathroom re-do by Shannon Berrey Design!  At first glance, you'd think it was covered in a whimsical wallpaper, but it's actually hand drawn by Shannon in SHARPIE PENS!!  After painting her walls a pale aqua, Shannon enlarged a photo of her favorite Schumacher wallpaper for inspiration and taped enlarged pictures of the pattern's repeat, as well as each bird and butterfly, for reference.  The result is so stunning!  I LOVE her monogrammed shades, as well:

Here is a great detail shot:

To read more about this project, check out Shannon's blog here.