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oversize seascapes from minted

Despite the fact that it's fall, I never have the beach too far from my mind.  And what better way to capture the essence of the sea than with an oversize photographic print of it in your home?  If you guys have been following along here a while, you know I'm obsessed with prints of the sea on as big a scale as I can get.  Minted is killing it lately with their budget-friendly pieces and I still can't get over how affordable they are framed!  It's such a great way to make a dramatic impact without breaking the bank!  Below is a roundup of some pieces I'm loving lately; I'm seriously thinking East Coast Surf would make a great gift for the hubby!  It's so hard to pick a favorite; which one is yours?

Rocky Coast / Blue Monday / Seaside Contrast

Monochrome Shore / Diverge / Praia da Ursa

Foaming Sea Water iiiWave Patterns

East Coast Surf / Staten Sea I / Malibu View No. 2


deb achak: ebb and flow

If you've been following here for any length of time, you know that I have a weakness for/mild obsession with oversize photographic prints of the sea, so it was only fitting that I would fall head over heels in love with Seattle-based photographer Deb Achak's Ebb and Flow series.  And since we are about to head back to the beach, I can't think of a better time to post! 

Taken off the coast of Maui and the Amalfi Coast of Italy, the shots are from the vantage point of the swimmer's eye, which I absolutely LOVE, and the colors are absolutely stunning!  Can you just imagine the dramatic impact one of these prints would make in a room on a very large scale?  I have been following Deb for a while on Instagram and have particularly enjoyed all the snaps she's shared on her stories of her recent trip back to Italy; her feed is full of so much inspiration, she's definitely one to follow!  In the meantime, here are a few of my favorites from her Ebb and Flow series

And just to see how amazing these prints truly are on a large scale, here are a few snaps from her Instagram.  Most are in her all-white studio, which make for the perfect backdrop for her beautiful prints:

Happy Hump Day!


oversize art favorites from minted

If you've been following along here for a while, you know I love me some oversize art and photographic prints.  I love them even more when they happen to be absolutely stunning AND super affordable!  Minted has become one of my favorite spots to shop for gorgeous artwork in dramatic sizes and they now offer thin, modern brass frames all the way up to 60x44 inches!  My husband teases me because I always end up gravitating toward prints of the sea or horses, but when it comes to making a dramatic impact there really aren't better subjects.  Here are a few favorites I'm loving lately; I'm kind of obsessed with the first and fifth and, of course, would want them in the largest size they come in!  I included snapshots beneath each print so you could get an idea of just how big you can order these bad boys!  Which one is your favorite?

Before the Storm

Fields of Blue (Pacific Ocean)


All is Quiet

Yellow Horses

End of the Storm


ladies of the sea: clare elsaesser

Since all my family and friends up north are buried in snow, why not post some sea-inspired art to get them thinking of warmer weather?  I'm such a fan of San Francisco-based artist Clare Elsaesser's moody, hauntingly beautiful paintings, as much for the quality as for the incredibly affordable pricepoint.  She paints the female form so beautifully and always adds a touch of whimsy (I love the striped bikinis!) and they almost always are centered around or in water.  I'm always sure to check in to her etsy shop for new pieces and lately, I'm absolutely loving her series of women in the sea.  The moody color palettes and unassuming poses are so beautiful, but what I love the most is the fact that you don't see their faces.  Giclees are available up to 16x20 (for only $65, might I add!!), or you can order one custom made on canvas.  I really want an oversize one for my bedroom, but narrowing the choices down to one is proving more difficult than I thought!  Here are a few I'm loving lately:


alex weinstein

I find design inspiration everywhere, but for me, nothing is as inspiring as the sea.  It's soothing and mysterious and always has a calming effect on me.  It's part of the reason I gravitate towards blue, from inky indigo to the palest periwinkle.  It's been quite a while since I've taken paint brush to canvas, but after seeing Alex Weinstein's amazing, oversize oil paintings of the sea in all its glory, I'm chomping at the bit to try to create my own.

While there doesn't seem to be too much written about Weinstein, one thing is for certain: his work is incredibly connected to and inspired by the deep, blue tumultuous ocean.  According to his bio at the William Turner Gallery, this dedicated surfer would take pictures of the sea while sitting on his surfboard and then tape them to the wall in his garage to help guide him while he painted. Here are some of my favorites:


Weinstein's work is incredibly grand in scale; I can't begin to tell you how difficult it is to paint something so realistic on such a large scale.  With pieces as big as 9 feet tall and 7 feet wide, they are a striking presence in any room.  Here is one in the living room of interior designer Thom Filicia, as featured in Elle Decor.  It takes up most of the wall, yet you really get a feel for its size when Thom stands in front of it:

Here is another shot that appeared in a Greek architectural magazine, via Alex's website:

To see more of Alex's work, check out the William Turner Gallery or his personal website.